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Employees of the Month
Employees of the Month
CGUHSD February Employees of the Month were honored with a breakfast with Superintendent Dr. Steven Bebee on Wednesday, February 12. Each month, a select group of employees are nominated by faculty and staff then selected by the Recognition Committee to receive the honor. Employees of the Month are also recognized and given an award plaque at the monthly Governing Board meeting. Special thanks to our employees for their dedication and service.  
Employees of the Month
 Zona Campas  CG Administrative Assistant
 Steve Koenigseder  VG Teacher
 Louis Mallett  VG IEP Writer
 Lauren Martinez  DO IT Data
 Ivan Mendoza  DO Maintenance
 Rodolfo Perez  DO Grounds
 Angel Salinas  DO Maintenance
 Gary Smothers  CG Title 1 Para
 Karen Smothers  VG Secretary
 Katrina Wagner  CG CTE Para
Golden Ticket Winners (out of 22)
 Ralph Belloc  DO Maintenance Supervisor
 Dominic Henderson  CG Security
 Alistair Mountz  DO Instructional Coach (Grand Prize)
 Andrea Teran  DO Assistant Principal