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AzMBA State Solo and Ensemble
CG-BandAzMBAStateSoloAndEnsembleDuet20201109 (1)Congratulations to the following CGUHS Band students who participated in the AzMBA State Solo and Ensemble: Rudimental Percussion Ensemble - 1st Place - Xavier Sotelo and Katie Bautista; Mallet Percussion Ensemble - 2nd Place - Hailey Mills and Katie Bautista; Rudimentary Percussion Solo - 3rd Place - Hailey Mills; Brass Solo - 5th Place - Jacob Villarreal; and Colorguard Ensemble - 5th Place - Brynn Heaton, Tatyanna Rodriguez, Anissa Estrada, Sabrina Alley and Kaydence Day. The Cougars are directed by Fine Arts Teacher Martin Hebda. Visit